Welcome to the art of Hazel Griffiths-Jones



Welcome to my world of art. I hope my paintings inspire, please you or magically transport you to a place of peace or distant memories. I want you to feel the wetness of the water, the warmth of the sun,  the movement of the waves. My work reflects my joy of the Anglesey coastline, distant travels and  the culturally rich history around me.  Painting is a joy and a challenge.  In  2017, a  commission to produce a “ quirky” tribute to Chester, for Rosebridge in Chester city, led to a new love of painting horses,   with the painting of ‘Deva Leader’, and the race through the city itself. Onward and upward and hail to fresh challenges.

I studied art at school but that was a lifetime ago. I’m generally self -taught, still learning something new every day. After a long career in mental health as a  Consultant Psychologist, my focus has now shifted, however I still want my paintings to have a positive influence on the mental health of the viewer.  Some things never change…

If you would like to commission  a painting for your personal or corporate needs then  please get in touch using the contact form, on the menu option.



My work is subject to copyright and not to be used or reproduced without permission. When work is sold, I retain the sole rights of  all digital images of my work.